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About The Brotherhood

The Front Row Dads members are high-performing men who value growth and contribution. 

  • Men who choose to be part of this brotherhood join a special tribe that share ideas, and establish a unique place to ask the toughest questions that you face as a husband, father and family man.
  • Front Row Dads will give you access to strategies so you can win at home faster and more effectively.
  • You will get the best training on the topics of marriage, emotional mastery, work/life balance, communication and other key topics for being the world-class family man you were born to be.


What Do Our Members Say?

"When I look back on my life, I believe I’ll be most proud of the ‘work’ I’ve done within my family. The Front Row Dads membership has unquestionably helped me be a better father and husband, which in the end will help every generation of Elrods for years to come." -- Hal Elrod

Should You Join Now?

Right now, being totally honest, how would you rank yourself in the following categories on a 1-10 scale?

  • Your marriage in general — communication, alignment, sex, etc?
  • Your overall impact and influence with your kids?
  • Managing your time & calendar between work and family life?
  • Overall mental, physical and spiritual health?
  • Managing your emotions in difficult situations?

If you’re perfect in all of these area, and have no room to improve, then please immediately email me, so we can set up a podcast interview, and I can learn what the hell you’re doing!

If you’re like me, and the guys in our brotherhood, there is always room to improve, and we are committed to constant and never-ending growth.

If you’re ready to take action now and start impacting your family at an even higher level, fill out the form and let’s go.


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